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What is the best time to visit Humantay Lake?

The Humantay Lake is a beautiful natural attraction that many want to visit and know, that is why in Kawsay Travel we bring you this blog of the best time to visit Humantay Lake.

Most experts in climate and adventure indicate that the best time to visit the Humantay Lake is in the dry season or no rain of the Andes, that is between the months of April to September. During these months there is no rain and the sky is clear almost all day, which allows us to see and take the best pictures of the Humantay lake.

What about the rainy months?

The rainy months are from the end of September to the end of March, this does not mean that at the beginning or end of this season the rain is still intense, but rather it goes up and down progressively. It is for this reason that the rainiest month in Cusco and Laguna Humantay is February.

If you travel in February, be aware that your trip may be cancelled due to weather and security issues.

Crowds in Humantay Lake

We know that many people travel in the best time to visit Humantay, and with this we have another inconvenience, which is the crowds that will not let us take a nice picture. For that we have 2 options, travel to Cusco in the seasons of change from rainy to dry or dry to rainy. And the second option is to travel earlier than others.

Best time of the day to visit Humantay

To find Humantay practically for yourself is to travel very early, and start the hike at about 6 am if possible and this way you will have a lot of time the lagoon and the mountains for yourself or your friends.

Weather at Humantay Lake

The climate is cold at night and in the early morning, in the dry months is where the temperature drops below 0º and during the day it is around 15º. In the rainy months the temperature oscillates around 2º – 0º and during the day 15º to 20º. But at 4200 m.a.s.l. the cold wind makes it feel colder.